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Accura Care Manufacturing Division



Our production plant is strategically located in the excise free zone at Kala-Amb(Himachal Pradesh), . The plant has state-of-the-art machinery that helps in manufacturing highly advanced pharmaceuticals. The technology used in the plant is actually commendable and the research and development center has all the facilities that are required to come out with world class, safe and reliable pharmaceutical products.

Accura Care manufacturing state-of-the-art technology unit is run by highly qualified & experienced professionals, to manufacture medicines as per prescribed guidelines & specifications. 

Having adopted very stringent Quality Parameters for the manufacturing and packaging of our products, various accreditations have been bestowed on us, namely,


  • ISO-9001-2001 certification
  • The prestigious  GMP approval for all our manufacturing facilities


We exercise strict compliance to SOP’s (standard operating procedures) ,validations and ensure proper maintenance of records of all activities and parameters. 

We respect the demanding safety regulations and exacting quality standards to the entire satisfaction of the patients.


History & Milestones



  • Accura care Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.   is established on 2007  and obtains the Certificate for Commencement of Business.



  • Starts commercial production.
  • Receives Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification and ISO Certified Company.




Endeavor to embrace humanity and contribute to the improvement of people's health and well-being. Innovation & Quality drives growth. Focus on market needs and committed to providing best quality products to our customers.


1.   Customer oriented
      we will pursue the satisfaction of patients, their families, and the health care professionals.


2.   Safety as a priority matter
      we will provide safe and high-quality products based on the latest scientific technologies on a steady basis.


3.   High ethical standards
     as a company engaged in pharmaceutical business, we will recognize our social responsibilities and act with integrity conforming to the          highest ethical standards.


4.   Innovation
      We will always pursue innovation, originality, and ingenuity in harmony with society, and act in all pursuits in a positive and swift manner.


5.   Emphasis on humanity
      we will respect the personality and capability of each employee and create an open work environment that enhances health, happiness,         and job satisfaction.





  • Tablet


  1. Non Beta Lactam Tablet
  2. SR Tablet( Sustain Relase Tablets, Controlled Relase Tablet
  3. Delayed Relase tablet
  4. Uncoated tablet, Film Coated, enteric coating, mouth dissolving tablet, Chewable tablets


  • Capsules
    1. Hard Geltain capsules


  • Liquid Oral
  1. Liquid Syrup


  • Ointment Section


  • Nutraceuticals


  1. Tablets
  2. Capsules
  3. Liquid syrup
  4. Energy Drinks
  5. Protein Powder in different Flavors


  • Mouth Wash

  • Tooth Paste







At Accura Care Pharmaceuticals, we are Focused providing world class medicines, at affordable prices.

Our R & D Department is located inside in our manufacturing plant at kala-amb.

We have equipped with the latest equipments to conduct these studies.

Our R & D laboratory undertakes developmental & scale-up work on existing and new formulations.